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With years of experience in HR, we know the importance of ensuring new employees are familiar with your ESG and company culture in general. Through our onboarding service, designed with a focus on an easy, efficient and streamlined start-up, we ensure that new employees are integrated into your business in the best possible way.

How we can manage the onboarding process

  • Create streamlined onboarding materials:
    We help you update or create  your onboarding materials to clearly communicate your company’s ESG, overall values and goals. This will ensure that new employees are aware of your commitment from the start.

  • Tailored training for new employees:
    We help update or develop targeted training programs and workshops that introduce new employees to your values, goals and the importance of their role. 

  • Promote dialog and questions:
    We encourage new employees to ask questions and engage in dialog. It creates an open and engaged culture where employees can express their interests and contribute to your values.

  • Providing mentors and resources:
    We can facilitate mentorships between experienced employees and new hires to support their integration. In addition, we will provide access to relevant resources and tools to help build knowledge and skills in the process.