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External HR partner

As an external HR partner, we specialize in helping organizations establish and maintain a strong and sustainable culture. We are dedicated to providing expertise in ESG, corporate culture and organizational development so that our customers can achieve positive change and promote corporate values in practice.

Get started easily with an External HR Solution

  • Strategic consulting: 
    We work closely with you to define and implement strategies, initiatives and values that support a sustainable culture throughout your organization. We help establish the link between sustainability and HR strategy, enabling effective integration into all HR processes.

  • Recruitment and talent development:
    We help attract, identify and develop talent that aligns with your values. We can help develop recruitment strategies that focus on attracting candidates with a strong profile. In addition, we offer training and development programs that increase employee understanding and engagement in the practice.

  • Education and awareness:
    We offer training programs and workshops that increase employee awareness and the importance of their role in building and achieving goals and a strong company culture. We help create a culture where employees are engaged and motivated to implement the goals and create sustainability in their daily work.

  • Policy development and implementation:
    We help you develop policies and guidelines tailored to your organization and industry requirements. We help implement these policies and ensure they become an integral part of your HR processes, including hiring, training, evaluation and reward systems.

  • Measurement and reporting:
    We help establish measurable indicators and reporting mechanisms that evaluate your progress towards your goals. We ensure you have the necessary data and analytics to demonstrate your performance and communicate it to stakeholders internally and externally.